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What We Offer Veterans

Fidelis Mortgage Corporation demonstrates a strong commitment to serving those who have served.
Fellow veterans—Fidelis is fully committed to working hard and providing YOU with the most successful mortgage or refinance solution possible. Our loan officers have the expertise to best determine options and conditions tailored to your unique circumstances.

Beware of mortgage companies that spend money on deceptive advertising to veterans.
Be cautious and carefully consider offers from these companies!

Fidelis President Bryan Stahl, a former marine, has seen how some mortgage companies have lured fellow veterans and is very disturbed by these deceptions.

Other offers do not make sense for the masses, with ads to attract vets that do not benefit them personally. These vets are the ones who end up paying for all that advertising.

Your first order in seeking a mortgage should be to call Fidelis, as other VA deals are typically more expensive than ours.

Call us today at 717-283-0900 for a personal consultation regarding your mortgage.

BryanOver 17 years ago, Fidelis President Bryan Stahl stepped foot on Paris Island in South Carolina and stood at attention while United States Marine Corp drill instructors created a new world for him.

Many years later when the opportunity arose for Bryan to create a company, he named it Fidelis Mortgage Corporation to pay homage to the Marines’ motto “Semper Fidelis,” the Latin term for “always faithful.”

This was done out of appreciation of the experience and in respect for the individuals who have served this country.


If this doesn’t motivate you, you are un-American. #22Kill

Posted by 22Kill on Monday, February 16, 2015